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WhatsApp Aero 2022

How to Auto Reply Messages on WhatsApp Aero?

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Online business is in full swing today and has enormous potential, leading people to believe that the future could be a virtual one. To automate intelligence, everyone is trying to transfer their business to the web and automate management. However, most tasks can be simply automated, such as replying to messages. Unfortunately the globally popular instant communication software WhatsApp does not yet have an auto-reply function, which is unfriendly for those who use WhatsApp for chat or business regularly and can easily forget to reply to a customer’s message because they are busy.

Would you like to start automating your responses to WhatsApp messages today? Aero WhatsApp’s auto-reply feature helps users set up predefined responses to incoming messages when they are busy offline so that the person doesn’t think you are ignoring them.

This cool app is an altered version of the original WhatsApp, with the same servers to work with, so contacts and interfaces won’t be different as long as you’re logged into the same account. Better still, he has more important advantages than the official WhatsApp.

Send Auto-Reply Messages by WhatsApp Aero

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The Aero WhatsApp advantage we are talking about in this article is autoresponders, a feature that is like having an online bot that automatically replies to all the messages the sender conveys to you, as long as there is an internet connection.

You don’t even need to answer the same question over and over again, just some one-off simple customisation in the autoresponder section to get your customers the information they want on time.

For example,

Message: What is the price of the subscription?

Reply: Sir/Madam, $50 per month.

As soon as the user leaves you a message with a price question, they will get an accurate response after the interval you set. Isn’t that convenient? If you want to try this feature, please read carefully and follow the steps below.

  • Step 1. Click on the official download button and get the WhatsApp Aero APK then install the WhatsApp Aero app package and verify your account.
  • Step 2. Go back to the WhatsApp Aero homepage and click on the three dots button in the top right corner.
  • Step 3. A new page will appear and in the list, you can glimpse an autoresponder option, please click on it.
  • Step 4. For this step you will need to create a new autoresponder message, this is done immediately by clicking the “+” icon in the bottom right-hand corner.
  • Step 5. This page will provide you with a detailed menu and you will need to select the options you wish as meant. First, select the message you wish to auto-reply to.

The options are

  • Reply if included—reply to any words shown in the message you have selected.
  • Reply if equal—only reply to messages that contain a whole similar sentence.
  • Reply to all messages—keep replying to each message.
  • Step 6. Then select the contact you want to auto-reply to.
  • Step 7. Select the delay time, i.e. how long after the sender sends you a message the auto-reply message will be sent.
  • Step 8. Select contacts, groups, or both in the traffic associated with that autoresponder.
  • Step 9. Finally, set whether you want to run this autoresponder at a specific time, contact, or group.

The Bottom Line

WhatsApp Aero can be set up to send autoresponder messages to anyone with custom content. This feature is not yet officially available in WhatsApp and can be very useful in certain situations. Aero WhatsApp is the most user-friendly modified mod of WhatsApp and the easiest to customize. WhatsApp Aero is always upgraded with features through some sort of update or other. Stay tuned to our website for more cool tips and tricks.